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Have you started reading the new book "Allegiant" yet?
Well, you're not really missing anything.

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A more detailed version of this article can be read at The LA Review of Books. Also information on where to find the books, which are currently out of print.

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It's a simple story, but a profound one, and what moved me, when I read this book, is the tremendous wisdom on each page.

Michigan's Best Books & Authors

The great state of Michigan has a plethora of great authors and books to choose from. Whether you're a fan of the lower or upper peninsula, we're confident to have books about Michigan that will be exactly what you're yearning to read.

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How well versed are you?

How well do your books know your market and your competitors? Some of the most common options are bedtime stories, nice picture books and such like. The preview calendar below shows that book lovers will have plenty of film adaptations to whet their appetites for film-to-book comparisons.

What you say matters.Reviews matter.

Although readers frequently can find book reviews on book jackets, with online book purchasing, readers have access to reviews, both good and bad.

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